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WD Gigs - Your one-stop source for Workday Jobs

WD Gigs is the first job board dedicated entirely to Workday Professionals. It is designed with the goal of being your one go-to stop for all Workday related job search and hiring needs.



WD Gigs for Workday Professionals

While providing Workday Consultant services, we have faced the same issues that most independent consultants had while looking for their next role in the Workday arena. It seems like an exhaustive process consisting of looking through several job boards, digging into prospective employers, engaging with different recruiters, looking for Workday related posts with specific keywords on LinkedIn, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if the Workday jobs came to the candidates instead? Well, for a long time we wished the same thing and ended up building such system.

WD Gigs for Workday Recruiters

We aimed to provide a central repository to find Workday candidates in any location worldwide. Not only can you browse candidates from a map, you can also search by specific set of Workday skills. Finally, you can start advertising your Workday-related jobs for free on WD Gigs.

Don’t forget to check out WD Gigs at:  https://www.wdgigs.com/