Manjia Non-Profit Partnership

SRQ Cloud Partners with Manjia in their mission to reduce food waste

SRQ Cloud is proudly announcing its joint efforts into supporting Manjia (pronounced “MAHN-jyuh”), a Non-profit organization that seeks to reduce food waste by providing the channels to share food donations. At SRQ Cloud, we believe that we all can do our part to make our world a better place, and what easier way to do it than to share our food surplus to those in need. Now, the general population may not be aware of where they can send their food surplus, and that is where Manjia comes into play. Manjia aims to simplify the process of donating food to just a post to their website, and make use of background channels to get the food delivered to the appropriate donation destinations.



SRQ Cloud is volunteering to lead Manjia’s technical infrastructure, assist in future development projects and create conscience to help advance Manjia’s cause. Please visit Manjia’s website for more information and details about how to support their cause: