Cloud Services

Take your business to the cloud!

At SRQ Cloud, LLC we understand that today’s scaling and fault tolerance challenges and
needs drive companies to seek cloud solutions. We have found that Serverless
architectures are the perfect solution for these tasks. Besides reducing the amount of
DevOps work needed, it enables a faster pace in the development lifecycle. However, to
take advantage of such infrastructure, automation needs to take place in every phase of
your system. A developer should be able to focus on maintaining his code while everything else
should be transparent (e.g., infrastructure, code builds, deployments, testing, scaling, etc.).

“Invention requires two things: The ability to try a lot of experiments, and not having to live with the collateral damage of failed experiments.” – Andy Jassy, AWS CEO

To be able to recycle your infrastructure once your business/project needs change is as important as having a scalable and reliable infrastructure. Once your services are running on the AWS cloud, terminating them is just a click away. It is truly a playground of services, and we are excited to guide you through the path of maximizing automated solutions for your infrastructure. Chat with us now to get your project started!